Current Position: CCP Games

I joined the CCP Games studio situated in London in October 2020 as a Senior Gameplay Programmer. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is by far the best studio I have been lucky enough to be a part of. Work details TBA

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I'm (somewhat) active on these channels, feel free to have a look

May 2020 - Sep 2020
Deep Silver Dambuster

Just as coronavirus was setting in in the UK I made the (rather short) move from Sumo Digital to Deep Silver Dambuster. The team were great to work with and the project was very exciting! Unfortunately my joy was rather short lived as due to some personal circumstances I went on to seek employment in a more southern studio

Nov 2016 - May 2020
Sumo Digital Ltd.

My first job in the Games Industry was at Sumo Digital in Nottingham, joining when the office was blooming and had but 40 employees. By the time I finished it was over twice as big. I worked on numerous projects in my time at Sumo including Team Sonic Racing and Hot Shot Racing. I was also able to contribute to a co-dev to create content for Forza Horizon 4 which was a dream come true. I learned a huge amount from the massively experienced team including developing large codebases and releasing on consoles

My projects

I have worked on many projects from commercial games to funded indie development and, of course, game jams when I can find the time. Have a look at the my scrapbook
For context, the picture with the trolley full of toilet roll may eventually become a faint memory but it serves as a reminder to me of the early coronavirus toilet roll wars... and the fun I had gamifying it :)